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These babies will be signed individually by me. Thank goodness it’s only a few! Talk about finger cramps. Go to wigleyave.bigcartel.com for more info.
Chill Spot limited prints are now ready for purchase! Only $21CAD/$19.57US. Go to wigleyave.bigcartel.com (click link in bio) to get yours today. They’re only a few, once there done that’s it! #wigleyave
This one was inspired by the talented @ceo_of_hawasboutique accessories. Ladies, I know you’ll definitely love her page. Check her out. #wigleyave #art #fashion #fashiondesign

Tomorrow I will be posting the details for limited prints of my “Chill Spot” piece for sale. Thanks again for all the feedback and support. #wigleyave

Sometimes it’s good to show the process that leads to your progress - the mistakes in your life that you constantly try to erase and redraw. Hoping to create a better image than before. The process will help your observers to appreciate your success. Keep in mind they will still envy you for the money you make, the person you date and the place you call home. But they don’t know how much you’ve invested and lost. How many relationships you failed at and the many months you were unable to pay your rent. Show them the process anyway. Atleast they’ll have something of substance to hate on…..your #hustle. #wigleyave #art
Drawing of @ms_dupie. Thanks for the support. #wigleyave #art #drawing #afro #portrait
Mental Liberation - Self-Love has been added to the collection. #wigleyave #art #Illustration #dreadlocks #dreads #deadhead
Maybe if I had forever to live I would try to do what everyone expected of me but the fact is I wouldn’t. Life is too short to try and get everyone’s approval. So I decided to do what makes me happy - #art #wigleyave
Riddim & Butterscotch. Inspired by @jo_phoenixx and those retro shades. #wigleyave #art #Illustration #steelpan
Chill Spot limited prints. #wigleyave #art #dread