Wigley Ave.

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Limited prints. Go to www.wigleyave.bigcartel.com for more details. #wigleyave #prints.
Reflection. #wigleyave #art
Prints are now available. Go to wigleyave.bigcartel.com for more details (link in the bio) Shipping worldwide. #wigleyave #art

Putting in work. Pieces from the last couple months. #wigleyave #art.

For sale. Recreation Time 9”x12” $50CAD /$45.68US. Email me if you’re interested. #wigleyave
Will be adding a third piece to the Mental Liberation series. There will be limited prints for you to purchase and have as a collection in your homes.
Not taking time to understand someone’s demeanor, lifestyle and beliefs before you criticize, is just ignorant. You don’t have to inquire and we don’t have to explain. Just respect us for who we are. #wigleyave #artist.

High Melanin. Follow my IG: kingkesiaPhoto by: moodfeed.tumblr.com

"I wish fitting in wasn’t about being like everyone else but being as much of yourself as possible. If that were the case, imagine the world we would live in."

- Deep thoughts while sipping my coffee (via touchmystonerboner)

(via touchmystonerboner)